Hygiene and  Aftercare Instructions

 When you get a tattoo or piercing done, nothing is more important than proper hygiene. Rest assured that our studio is 100-percent clean and sterile. Hygiene is a number-one priority at Ma-Zel Custom Tattoo and Piercing, and our studio exceeds the regulatory requirements.

Our machines and accessories are cleaned after every use using a special sterilizer. We use disposable needles that are discarded after every use. Our tattoo artists are trained to use full hygienic gear, including disinfectant, latex gloves.  if you are alergic to latex please tell your artist. We are Licensed and Inspected by Everett Board of Health.


Aftercare Instruction  !!

After your Tattoo is completed, I will cover it with a bandage for your trip home. Leave the bandage on for one hour. Whe you take the bandage off wash it with very warm water ( as hot as is comfortable ) with antibacterial soap, or any mild liquid soap no perfumy or scrubby body washes. Pat it dry gently and let it air dry ( never scrub the tattoo with a towel or sponge ). We recommend Aquaphor available in any CVS, Walgreens . Apply a very small amount to the Tattoo, just enough to sink in and moisturize, DO NOT slather a big thick coat of lotion over it. Your Artist will tell you exactly what is needed ( it is not needed  for all Tattoos ).

Every day from then on you will wash the tattoo in the morning and at night, and apply lotion as explained above 3 times a day or so. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.  When your tattoo begins to heal it may form scabs DO NOT scratch or peel scabs it will Damage your Tattoo.  Do not Re-Bandage your tattoo it needs air.

Do Not submerge your tattoo in water this means baths, swimming pools and oceans

regular showering is fine.

Your tattoo will go through different stages of the healing process from scabs, dryness ink coming off while you shower it is all normal it is a process of old skin being renewed it can take several weeks to fully heal.

Any questions during this period you can come by the shop, your artist will gladly answer  any of your concerns. 


Taking the correct care of your Tattoo during the healing process is the most important part of having a nice Tattoo when healed.

                                  Thank You for choosing us for your Bodyart.

Piercing Aftercare

We have specific aftercare instructions for Piercings and Micro-Dermals. Not all Piercings are cared for in same way. Any questions just ask.

If you have any questions regarding our hygienic standards, feel free to contact us with your concerns and we will tell you everything you need to know.                             617-394-0023

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